Character Development Childrens Book

Travel with Mubu the Morph on a journey of self-reflection as we examine and enhance our internal selves! This series of kids’ books focuses on character development in a child friendly format that our young readers and their parents can enjoy.

Located in Buffalo, New York, kids’ and children’s story book author Stephen Nawotniak brings the world a story that centralizes on not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside. It can be difficult – even as adults – to remember that it’s what we bring to life with our hearts and minds that’s important, yet it’s an idea that we want all of our children to learn and hold on to from the very beginning of their lives. It’s a concept that not only helps our children to be proud and happy with their own inner selves, but to empathize with others and see them for the person they are beneath the skin. Mubu the Morph helps to show children (and their loved ones!) in a fun, easy to understand manner that what’s on the inside is what counts!

May all readers experience a shift of self-value and purpose from external validation or comparison to an expression of their unique internal gifts. First without, then within… Are you ready to begin?